Gamma-Dynacare provides supplies and maintains all equipment required by our clients for the collection of specimens, including urine collection bottles and containers, swabs, pap collection kits, skin scraping kits and blood collection tubes/bottles.

“Take-home” specimen collection kits are available for the following tests:

  • Occult Blood
  • Pinworm
  • Sputum for Culture & Susceptibility
  • Stool for Culture & Susceptibility
  • Stool for Ova & Parasites
  • Urine for Culture & Susceptibility

To request new supplies, simply download and complete the appropriate Client Supply Requisition Form below and return it via your Route Representative or via fax to the local Gamma-Dynacare Supply Department fax number indicated at the top of the form. 

Client Supply Requisition - Brampton and Central Ontario [PDF]

Client Supply Requisition - Ottawa and Eastern Ontario [PDF]

Client Supply Requisition - London and Western Ontario [PDF]

Client Supply Requisition - Quebec [PDF]